A short time ago around 11:25 PM, Dover Firefighters IAFF local 324 was toned for a stabbing at 217 Martin Street the suspect is still at large, he was last seen driving a silver Ford F-150 plate number HMV6670 Arrest warrants have been issued for Arthur Ginier and Kim Javis with charges of attempted murder and aggravated robbery, please use caution and contact Dover Police Department if you see or have any information on these subjects.

Comments on Stabbing

  • Kathy Flannery
    Did they find them yet
  • Bill
    Was it over drugs or money?
    What a shame.
  • Beefy Bob
    Very Sad… His cross is upside down too. Shame on him.
  • Todd Ginier
    Bet it’s over drug money will be going to police to let them know about a couple of his places he goes to hide and the person who got stabbed are they recovering from this prayers to them and there family
  • Yvonne
    Yes they found them and not sticking up for anyone but all parties involved are responsible. The so called victim isn’t as innocent as they are acting. They were ALL wrong in this situation.
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