Appliance Fire

8:14 PM, Station 19 Uhrichsville, Appliance Fire at McDonald’s at McCauley Drive.

Fire Alarm

10:20 AM, Station 21 New Phila, Fire Alarm at the courthouse.

Accident with injury

7:40AM Station 21 New Phila, Accident with injury at the intersection of Mill Ave and South…

Investigate Burn

8:10 PM, Station 4 Delaware Valley, investigate burn @ 107 North St.Clairsville Street in Port Washington.…

Pedestrian struck

5:53 PM, Station 21 New Phila, Pedestrian Struck @477 first drive NE

Smoke in a building

3:28 PM, Station 21 New Phila Station 2 Dover Station 60 Smith Ambulance, Smoke in a…

Slippery conditions

Use caution this morning

Accident with non injury

4:55 AM, Station 21 New Phila Station 60 Smith Ambulance Accident on State Route 250 Eastbound…

Structure Fire

7:40 PM, Station 6 Arrowhead Joint Fire, Station 4 Delaware Valley, Station 8 Warwick TWP, Station…

Accident with injury

5:03 PM, Station 21 New Phila Accident with injury @255 Ray Ave NE, truck into a…

Accident with injury

4:33 PM, Station 19 Uhrichsville Station 60 Smith Ambulance, Accident with entrapment, State Route 250 and…

Structure Fire

Water Street Ext at Indian Hill Road is shut down, AVOID THE AREA. 11:18 PM, Flames…

Structure Fire

4th and Dawson is blocked off AVOID THE AREA 8:25 AM, Station 19 Uhrichsville Station 3…

Accident with injury

12:00AM, Station 2 Dover, Accident with possible injuries, SR-39 NW and Red Hill Road

Smoke in a building

7:36 PM, Station 1 Bolivar, Smoke in a building @ 838 State Route 212 NW.