New North Dover new FD nearly complete

For the city of Dover, help will soon be available in a faster fashion for those…

Child Stuck

NPPD requesting FD respond to tuscora park to help remove a child stuck in a swing.  EMS responding…


Dover FD responding to a rollover MVA unknown location

single vehicle MVA

MVA 3148 Reese Rd NW, Dover FD and SO responding. Car vs Tree


MVA involving ODOT vehicle StRt 250 @ Midvale. Several stations being dispatched and medflight @ Claymont stadium


Dover EMS being requested at W.8th and Tusc for a person with difficult breathing


Dover EMS responding to 92 Susan Dr for a fall injury


Strasburg and Smith EMS responding to 310 S Wooster Ave for a CVA

fall injury

NP EMS responding to 135 1/2 5th St SW for fall injury