Tuscarawas County Health Department COVID-19

COVID 19 News Release 3-14-20

“The Tuscarawas County Health Department was made aware late yesterday afternoon of a confirmed case from another County that had direct contact with approximately 20 residents and three healthcare workers in one of Tuscarawas County’s long-term care facilities. TCHD followed recommended procedures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ohio Department of Health and we are working closely with the long-term care facility to monitor the residents. The families of the residents have also been notified. We will not be releasing the name of the long-term care facility. Following the lead of Governor DeWine and Health Director Dr. Acton, we will be sure to share information in a transparent way when we have it. Because there is known widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in Ohio and reduced testing capabilities I ask all Ohio residents to take the current situation seriously and remain at home, if at all possible. Again, at this time, Tuscarawas County has only one confirmed case of COVID-19.” Katie Seward, MPH, CHES, CTTS, Tuscarawas County Health Commissioner

Comments on Tuscarawas County Health Department COVID-19

  • Hcw
    Seriously, you need to inform families of those in that facility.
    • Jan Painter
      Would you not want to know if it were your family member??
    • KA
      It says they have been notified.
  • Dixie Heck
    Yes, it says that.
  • Jross
    Open your eyes people and not your doors fuck this COVID 19 is something way more than that going on!!!! We military don’t get called in for damn food banks !!
    • Pam
      As a former firefighter and emt I can say the national guard has been in called in the past to help in blizzards, floods, and other disasters.
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